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March 2014:
Studio System News named THE TAKING one of its top picks for page-to-screen at the 2014 Bologna Book Fair!

REVIEW! School Library Journal calls THE TAKING "...compulsively readable..." and says "...the exciting plot zips along, leaving readers impatiently waiting for the next installment."

REVIEW! RT Magazine says "The mystery, romance and action add up to create a roller coaster of a read." 4 stars (out of 4.5)

February 2014:
REVIEW! Publishers Weekly calls THE TAKING an "...engrossing paranormal romance." And says "...the book hurtles toward a high-stakes finish, and a cliffhanger sets up the next installment of this trilogy."

REVIEW! Kirkus says THE TAKING is a "...a promising start that intrigues as well as it entertains."

January 2014:
REVIEW! RT Magazine says of THE OFFERING: "No anticlimactic ending here, as the final book in the Pledge trilogy has its fair share of exhilarating and heart-stopping moments." 4 stars (out of 4.5)

Audio now available for The Offering and The Essence through Audible.

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December 2013:
REVIEW! School Library Journal says "Dead Silence is a fast-paced paranormal thriller that will delight fans of the series as well as readers unfamiliar with it. The book delivers a few intense action sequences and plenty of nail-biting suspense."

September 2013:
Audio in CD format now available for The Body Finder and Dead Silence

April 2013:
BOOK NEWS! Publishers Weekly announces the sale of a new trilogy to HarperTeen! Book one, THE TAKING, will be released Summer 2014, and film rights are being represented by Alicia Gordon, Ashley Fox, and Erin Conroy of William Morris Endeavor Entertainment.

REVIEW! USA Today says you should read Dead Silence if "...If you're in the mood for some psychological thrillers, evil masterminds, strong heroines and hot heroes..." and calls the Body Finder series "amazing."

REVIEW! VOYA calls Dead Silence "Another compelling suspense tale with entirely believable adolescent characters who work together to prevent and solve crimes. BFFs, love interests, interfering parents all converge to make this story a great read."

March 2013:
REVIEW! Booklist says of Dead Silence "With likable characters, CSI-like crimes, and authentic high-school dialogue and drama, this series will continue to draw readers."

January 2013:
The Pledge named on the 2013 Best Fiction for Young Adults list!

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October 2012:
The Pledge releases in paperback!

Taiwanese rights have sold! Spring International in Taiwan has acquired the rights to publish The Body Finder, Desires of the Dead, and The Last Echo.

Kimberly announces that she will be contributing a fairy tale retelling in the upcoming anthology GRIM, due out Winter 2014.

September 2012:
Audio rights to The Last Echo and Dead Silence have sold to Audible!

August 2012:
The Pledge has been nominated for the 2013 YALSA Best Fiction for Young Adults list!

June 2012:
REVIEW! Children's Literature Comprehensive Database (CLCD) says The Pledge "is an imaginative, well-written page-turner full of twists and guaranteed to please fans of dystopian literature. It will leave them clamoring for the sequel... and hoping for a movie version."

May 2012:
REVIEW! School Library Journal says of The Last Echo: "The suspenseful ending will have readers tucking under blankets and imagining horror-movie scenarios. Tell them not to read this one right before bed."

REVIEW! Night Owl Reviews names The Last Echo a Top Pick!

April 2012:
REVIEW! Romantic Times says of The Last Echo: "Derting is a masterful writer, expertly ratcheting up the suspense and creepy quota."

REVIEW! VOYA says of The Last Echo: "Violet's character is extremely well developed, with the supporting cast also consisting of believable teenagers dealing with their own issues." And, "Fans of Derting will appreciate this third volume."

March 2012:
REVIEW! Kirkus says of The Last Echo: "As always, this author writes a gripping tale...With another sequel set up, this intriguing series continues to provide great entertainment for suspense fans."

February 2012:
Hungarian rights have sold! Epitesugyi Tajekoztatasi Kozpont in Hungary has acquired the rights to publish The Pledge.

REVIEW! Justine Magazine says of The Pledge: "The surprise ending left us breathless, waiting for the next book in this suspenseful new series."

January 2012:
Desires of the Dead is nominated for a 2011 Cybils Award!

The Pledge and Desires of the Dead are both nominated by the Children's Book Council (CBC) for the 2012 Teen Choice Book of the Year!

REVIEW! Salon says of The Pledge: "Futuristic punk, medieval dynasties, social commentary, swashbuckling revolutionaries and a dash of magical powers combine to make this a swift, sequel-friendly read..."

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November 2011:
REVIEW! Figment Blog calls The Pledge "...a dark and magical book with a unique concept..." and says it's " interesting departure from Derting's other works, but it is a promising one."

REVIEW! VOYA calls The Pledge "fast-paced and engrossing."

REVIEW! Booklist says of The Pledge: "Derting (Desires of the Dead, 2011) gives texture to Charlie's future society, hinting at a not-so distant past when cities had names and people wanted democracy but became corrupt and turned to an all powerful Queen. Danger, dread, mystery, and romance are a potent combination for those that enjoy their dystopian-light fiction action packed."

October 2011:
BCCB names The Body Finder one of its Ghastly Dozen (recommended Halloween reads)!

September 2011:
BOOK NEWS! Publishers Marketplace announces the sale of two more books in The Pledge series to McElderry (Simon & Schuster).

REVIEW! Kirkus calls The Pledge a "gripping dystopian fantasy." And says, "More great suspense from a prolific new writer with a vibrant imagination."

REVIEW! Publishers Weekly says "Derting's chilling dystopia envisions an America ruled by monarchy, most of its cities razed, and its citizens straitjacketed in a caste system divided by language." And that "Derting (Desires of the Dead) is right on when depicting the bonds of family, friendship, and first love."

Greek rights have sold! Klidarithmos in Greece has acquired the rights to publish The Pledge.

Audio rights to The Pledge have sold to Audible!

The Body Finder releases in Brazil under the title Ecos Da Morte.

The Body Finder releases in Denmark under the title Body Finder, Ekko Fra De Dode.

August 2011:
UK rights have sold! Allison & Busby in England has acquired the rights to publish The Pledge.

July 2011:
Portuguese rights have sold in Brazil! Intrínseca in Brazil has acquired the rights to publish The Pledge.

REVIEW! Kirkus calls Enthralled "ideal as a sampler tray for paranormal readers looking to pick up new authors to follow or to further explore the fictional worlds they already know."

June 2011:
Thai rights have sold! Jasmai Publishing in Thailand has acquired the rights to publish both The Body Finder and Desires of the Dead.

May 2011:
The Body Finder releases in Italy under the title La collezionista di voci.

Polish rights have sold! Amber in Poland has acquired the rights to publish The Pledge.

REVIEW! School Library Journal calls Desires of the Dead "...just as suspenseful and gripping as its predecessor." And says that "...readers will hold their breath as Violet traipses around deserted shipyards and dark woods looking for the bodies that call to her."

April 2011:
Turkish rights have sold! Dogan Egmont in Turkey has acquired the rights to publish The Pledge.

March 2011:
Spanish & Catalan rights have sold! La Galera has acquired the rights to publish The Pledge.

REVIEW! VOYA says of Desires of the Dead: "A perfect boyfriend and a suspenseful plot will keep teens turning pages."

REVIEW! Booklist calls Desires of the Dead a ", compelling read [that will] leave readers hoping for future titles about talented Violet."

February 2011:
The Chicago Public library names The Body Finder one of its top ten Best of the Best for Teens for 2011!

Russian rights have sold! Ripol in Russia has acquired the rights to publish The Pledge.

German rights have sold! VGS in Germany has acquired the rights to publish The Pledge.

REVIEW! Kirkus says Desires of the Dead "...stands out in the sea of supernatural fiction." And calls it an "Imaginative, convincing and successful suspense."

NYT Bestselling author Cassandra Clare names The Body Finder in her Top Twelve Reading Recommendations!

BOOK NEWS! Publishers Weekly announces the sale of two more books in The Body Finder series to HarperCollins, and a new YA fantasy, The Pledge, to McElderry (Simon & Schuster).

January 2011:
REVIEW! Miss Literati calls Desires of the Dead an "...exceptional won't want to miss."

The Body Finder named on the 2011 Best Fiction for Young Adults list!

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